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Guantanamo Province



Guantanamo City

Most famous because of the US Naval Base, which is about 25 km driving from Guantanamo city to Caimanera.

Most beautiful part of Guantanamo Province is Baracoa about 3 hours driving trough the "La Farola" route, driving along the Guanatanamo coastline viewing the most dry landscape of Cuba, through the mountains (the wettest part of Cuba) to Baracoa....a breathtaking experience.

Guantanamo the easternmost province of the country. Its provincial capital, of the same name, is associated geographically with an enormous purse-shaped bay, one of whose shores is occupied against the will of the Cuban people by a US Navel Base, an offense to Cuba's national sovereignty.

From Malones lookout point, on the top of a hill, you can see the installations of the US Government's traditional policy of interference in and hostility toward Cuba.

Another site of interest in the area, near Yateras, is a "zoo" whose animals have been sculpted out of stone. Here, farmer-sculpter Angel Inigo Blanco has sculpted 300 life-sized animals from all continents out of large rocks that are scattered through the woods.

The territory has deep-rooted musical and dance traditions that were also influenced by the Franco Haitian immigrantswho flocked to the area after the 1791 Haitian Revolution. The most famous Cuban song ever written "Guantanamera" or "Girl from Guantanamo", by Joseito Fernandez pays tribute to this province. World-renowed musicians have played and sung this catchy melody all over the world.

Such musical genres as the 'changui' (a country dance) and 'kiriba' are exclusive to Guantanamo, a predominantly mountainous area with thick woods which, in past centuries, made it one of the areas in Cuba with the most runaway slave settlements.

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